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Membership Includes
Use of the firing ranges: Target backers are provided on all ranges.
Members provide their own paper targets to be used on the provided backers only!!
Use of the trap range: Members may bring their own thrower and clay pigeons to use on the trap range when the Trap Club in not shooting.
Use of archery range: Target stations including one elevated shooting platform along a scenic wooded walk.

A club membership allows the member to bring spouse, and children until the age of 18, for no additional charge. The member may bring one guest for no additional charge. Each additional guest must purchase a $20 daily guest pass.

Active duty military members may put their SMSC membership on hold while they are deployed.  Simply provide our range manager with the details of your deployment and we will suspend your membership until you return.

Member Responsibilities
SMSC has a proximity badge security system to restrict access to the range. All members are required to wear their assigned ID badge at all times beyond the security gate.

If using the trap range, show your membership badge at the caretaker’s house before going down to the trap range.
Police yourselves and others, no full-time range officer available. Safety is your responsibility!!
Do not allow anyone to shoot at cans, milk jugs, etc. or anything on the ground or leaning against a backer post.
Remove and throw in garbage cans, used targets and shell casings. No one else wants to pick up after you.
Paper targets only! Use tape or staples to attach targets on the backers. No tacks or nails!!

All members and guests are expected to follow the rules at all times.

Club meetings
2nd Thursday of the month – 7:30 PM, member attendance is strongly encouraged, we value your suggestions.

Comments or questions? Please send us an email