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Membership in five easy steps:

Step 1
Read the SMSC Standard Operating Procedures and agree to follow these rules:

Step 2
Fill out the Membership Form:
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Step 3
Read and sign the Membership Waiver:

Step 4
Pay the Membership Fees: $85.00 for the first year of membership which includes the picture ID badge (proximity badge for the gate). The renewal fee is $75.00 each year thereafter ($85 for past due [90 days or more] renewals). Lifetime memberships can be purchased for $1,500.00. All membership fees are nonrefundable. Fees can be paid during the Range Safety Orientation Class in the next step or you can pay now using PayPal. If you pay now, your membership anniversary date will not start until you have attended the safety orientation.

Note that when you check your PayPal account you should see that the payment was to or Southern Minnesota Sportsman’s Club.  If you submit a payment in error, send us a note explaining that to and we can easily refund your money whereas disputed payments will normally incur fees.  If you later dispute this payment, we will pass any chargeback fees back to you (just as we would charge you for a stopped payment on a check.)

Member’s Full Name

Step 5
Attend the Range Safety Orientation Class: All SMSC daily members, annual members, and life members are required to take the free Range Safety Orientation Class before they are allowed to use the ranges. See the home page for class times and dates. The only exception to this requirement is during the special hunting rifle sight-in days where daily members will be allowed to site in their hunting rifles under the supervision of SMSC Range Safety Officers (Special sight-in dates are published on the website in the fall).

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