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Rejoin SMSC (Lapsed Membership)

SMSC charges an additional $10 fee if you renew after your membership has lapsed. There is a 90 day grace period from the end of your last month as an active member, if you renew within that time, you will not be charged the $10 fee and you will retain your original membership renewal date.   After this grace period, your membership is effectively deleted and inactive; however, you can rejoin the club provided that you have met the requirements (have attended a safety orientation and we have a signed waiver on file for you).

Click the “Pay Now” button and you can select from any of PayPal’s options to pay the annual dues and lapsed membership fees. You will be charged $85. Please include your name or email address that you use for SMSC communications so that we can properly credit your payment.

Note that when you check your PayPal account you should see that the payment was to or Southern Minnesota Sportsman’s Club.  If you submit a payment in error, send us a note explaining that to and we can easily refund your money whereas disputed payments will normally incur fees.  If you later dispute this payment, we will pass any chargeback fees back to you (just as we would charge you for a stopped payment on a check.)

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